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Did You Know We Offer Other Event Rentals?

Everyones knows we are the "Go To" company for Photobooth rentals in the New York Tri- State area. What a lot of people don't know is that over the past decade we have grown our rental inventory to include many other unique concepts for your wedding or special event. 

We always strive to stay current with technogy, give us a call to speak about some of our other exciting offerings. 


LED Video Walls

Looking to captivate everyone’s attention at your event? Our Giant LED Video Wall is a great way to do just that! Think of it as your own giant billboard that can feature any event branding to tie your whole theme together. 


Starting from $2,500.00

3D Flower Walls

Add a breathtaking & beautiful flower wall to your next event.  Flower walls are one of the hottest trends right now. They can make a great selfie photo station or greeting station when your guests enter the ballroom, it can also make an awesome background to the photobooth or a gorgeous backdrop for you and your partner. 

Starting from $600.00


Dance on a cloud 

Our "Dancing on a Cloud" effect is Dry Ice based and will never rise above 3 feet off the floor and dissolves cleanly leaving absolutely nothing behind.
This effect is great for adding a dramatic look to any dance floor for that special dance. Our effect will also look great in any photography or video as it gives the illusion that you are dancing in the clouds.


Starting from $600.00


Indoor Cold Spark Fireworks

 Imagine your grand entrance, your first dance or your packed dance floor complimented by a beautiful display of cold sparks that do not produce smoke, are non toxic and add a dramatic WOW factor. 

Starting from $800.00

Intelligent Lighting Design

Special Event Lighting has become an essential ingredient in creating the mood you strive to obtain at your party. whether your are planning a Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Mitzvah or any special occasion lighting enhances everything.

Tap into the heartbeat of every special event and you will find that lighting is an essential element of a quality production. Lighting effects create the glow that warms a ballroom creating a magical ambiance, and brings life to a dance floor.  Brilliant color splashes that give life to your event space.  Lighting elements are critical to the success of an event. 


Starting from $750.00

Up-Lighting Decor.

Ambiance is everything, why keep the walls at your affair plain white?  With TLC’s color kinetics you can completely transform the atmosphere of the room.  This digital lighting system allows you to paint the walls of your venue with a full spectrum of colors.  You can use soft lighting to give your affair warmth and romantic style or for a more vibrant feel you can choose bold colors that turn your venue into a true hot-spot.

Up-Lighting decor can transform your reception room to have any ambient color of your choice, making it look very elegant. Not only does it have a great impression for you and your guest, but it also looks amazing in photographs and videos.


Starting from $800.00

Illuminated L.E.D. Dance Floor


Light up your special event with a lighted dance floor rental. Our LED platforms are used in both indoor or outdoor settings and can be lit up by wireless, remote controlled LED lights or programmed lighting patterns.



Starting from $2,500.00



Giant Markee Letters

"LOVE" and "MR&MRS"

Add an unforgettable and timeless look to your next special event by renting giant marquee letters. "LOVE" or "MR&MRS" are available. These letters are 4' tall, all white with led light built inside to match any color theme. 


Starting from $500.00

Custom Gobo Creation & Projection

This a great feature that allows you to brand your event with your names, wedding date, logo or anything else you desire. You will work close with our in-house graphic designer to come up with a super cool concept and design. 


Starting from $500.00


8ft L.E.D Party Robot


Looking to charge up your event? Our LED Robot is an absolute SHOW STOPPER!!! Complete with a full body LED Light suit and hand held CO2 gun,

this is thee most exciting performer for any live event!


Starting from $800.00




Candid Photography with Screen Rental

Our Professional photographer will candidly capture all hi-lighting moments at your celebration, these cool photos will be displayed as a slideshow on our giant led screens all night. You will also receive all photos via a private download link. 

Starting from $800.00